Book- Self Defense And Combatives Omnibus

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Master Essential Self Defense Skills and Establish Good Habits for a Lifetime

—    Discover how to formulate a self defense game plan designed to keep you safe
—    Understand how to sharpen your awareness skills 
—    Uncover the best ways to manage fear and adrenaline
—    Understand how to hit hard 
—    Instantly apply these techniques to raise your level of personal safety

Combatives and Self Defense: 3 Books in One!

Are you struggling to learn to find a self defense game plan that actually works?

Would you like actionable information that you can use right now to make yourself a harder target for those who might wish to harm you or take advantage?

Do you want to confidently walk down the street without being afraid?

Do you want to build the most effective self defense game plan possible, a game plan that will serve you for a lifetime?

The Combatives and Self Defense Omnibus will teach you to create a self defense game plan that actually works to keep you safe, and which gives you options that put you in control of your personal safety.

Here’s what you get:

—    A complete self defense game plan, building from the first essential step of taking responsibility to how to actually practice and apply the techniques that will help you manage any situation

—    Proven techniques to improve your self awareness and help keep "switched on" when needed. Mastering these techniques alone will ensure you avoid 99% of physical confrontations

—    Understanding of how to manage the fight or flight response more effectively, giving more control and allowing for the best possible outcome

—    The art of situational control and the one simple trick to help manage your personal space and keep unwanted people out of it

—    The secrets of hitting hard and fast, and the tricks that allow you to hit first when necessary

—    Bonus One: A complete combatives training syllabus with all techniques fully explained, as well a list of self defense training drills, each one explained so you can get the most out of it

—     Bonus Two: Advanced self defense concepts and techniques to take your training to the next level

Are you Missing Part of the Puzzle?

Most people have a little knowledge about self defense, but few actually understand that it is quick and easy to expand that knowledge into a complete self defense game plan that will work to keep them safe for a lifetime.

This book is not simply a shallow list of tips, it is an outline for a complete self defense game plan that teaches you how to practice for a life time of good self defense habits.

From the fundamentals of taking responsibility and awareness, right through to more advanced techniques like tapping into your innate aggression and learning how to hit hard, you will be guided in small, friendly steps.

372 Pages