Book- Savate Assaut & Combat Made Easy Fully Illustrated

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Savate is an artifact of French Martial culture, developed and crafted by Masters of both Savate and La Canne.

This fully illustrated book combines two complete books into one.

In every dynamite-packed page, experts teach you through pictures and technical instructions.

You learn quickly and easily through our amazing new "slow motion picture" method.

You learn every stance, every punch, every kicks, flexibility, and every jump kicks as demonstrated by our experts.

It's just like getting personal instruction in your own home.

The experts who prepared these instructions wants everyone to know how to play assaut and combat.

These instructions can serve as a reviewer for Savate students who are scheduled for a glove ranking examinations as well.

In this two books in one, we will be concentrating on two Savate sports activities.

This book includes essential tools and tactics to play assaut & combat.

In order to preserve the French traditions of this art, all techniques will be in the original French terms.


This combat game is a light contact type fight sport.

Majority of FISAV and FF Savate train and compete in assaut.

All strikes must be masterfully controlled and delivered without force.

The emphasis of this game is style and technique.


This combat game is full contact type kickboxing bout.

This competition is for the most experienced fighters.

Combat athletes, male and female, are highly trained fighters, who are scored on technique, precision, efficiency, ability and fighting spirit.

This book offers step by step fully illustrated course in Savate from Blue Glove level to Yellow Glove level.

This book includes a complete technical guide for coaches, athletes, martial arts enthusiast, and everyone.

The courses is divided into seven parts:

(1). The enumeration and explanation of Savate techniques, forms and movements.

(2). Scientific flexibility warm up that will enable students to be able to kick high.

(3). Technical exercises and proper body alignment performed alone to master the aesthetic of Savate forms.

(4). Combined exercises facing an opponent, the proper form of kicks, punches, movement and closing the distance.

(5). Technical and scientific exercises from English boxing

(6). Simple blocks, parrying and evasions.

(7). Technical abilities, Sparring and special striking combinations.

295 Pages