Book- Safecracker: A Chronicle of the Coolest Job in the World

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Like a character in a Hitchcock movie, Dave McOmie travels the country breaking into bank vaults, cracking jewelry store safes, and decoding unbreakable codes secured deep in government facilities.

He’s never been arrested or charged with a crime—because it’s his job!

Safecracker reveals a shadowy world where tumblers are twirled, skeletons are exposed, and longstanding mysteries are solved.

You’ll ride shotgun with Dave for one crazy week, beginning with an impenetrable vault in Vegas with a midnight deadline, and ending with Prince’s ultra-secure music vault in the basement of Paisley Park.

In between are factual stories that read like fiction: drilling the same model ATM from the notorious episode of Breaking Bad, meeting a mystery man from the Department of Defense at a remote location to crack two high-security safes, chronicling the corruption and ineptitude that dogged efforts to develop the first electronic safe lock to guard our national secrets, tackling a hundred-year-old antique bank vault in downtown Salt Lake City, and more.

What’s in all these safes and vaults?

Gold and silver, drugs and cash, guns and ammo, family heirlooms and X-rated paraphernalia . . . and a few secrets that should have remained secret.


248 Pages