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Ragnar Benson wrote the book on survival... make that books! Since 1980, Ragnar has written more than three dozen survival books for Paladin Press.

The information in his titles has withstood the test of time, and most is as valuable today as it was when first written. We all know that having accurate information during an emergency is vital.

Ragnar's Survival Encyclopedia is a compilation of 34 chapters from 15 of his best-selling titles, revised and updated for today's realities, all under one cover for instant access!

  • Survival Retreats
    - Picking a retreat location
    - Creating emergency shelter in urban areas
    - Getting to your retreat

  • Utilities and Services
    - Designing, building, and maintaining a septic system
    - Generating electrical power
    - Buying a refrigerator that doesn't need electricity

  • Food and Water
    - Securing your water supply
    - Taking advantage of cheap meat sources, including doing your own butchering!
    - Growing and foraging for edible plants

  • Trapping and Poaching
    - Tracking and following sign
    - Building proven traps and nets for a variety of critters
    - Getting in, getting out, and evading detection

  • Weapons
    - Constructing small parts for your weapon
    - Knowing when and where to cache or hide your weapons

  • Financial Survival
    - Trading goods and services
    - Finding value during a collapse

This big book of survival know-how from America's self-reliance guru could be a lifesaver for you and your family! Add it to your survival library now.

1) Live Free Book of Total Survival
2) Retreats
3) Utilities & Services
4) Food & Water
5) Trapping & Poaching
6) Emergency Medicine
7) Weapons
8) Financial Survival