Book- OSINT Techniques: Resources for Uncovering Online Information 10th Edition

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New (2023) 10th Edition contains many updated techniques, scripts, and tools!

It is time to look at OSINT in a different way.

For many years, and within previous editions of this book, we have relied on external resources to supply our search tools, virtual environments, and investigation techniques.

We have seen this protocol fail us when services shut down, websites disappear, and custom resources are dismantled due to outside pressures.

This book aims to correct our dilemma.

We will take control of our investigative resources and become self-reliant.

There will be no more need for online search tools; we will make and host our own locally.

We will no longer seek pre-built virtual machines; we will create and configure our own.

This book puts the power back in your hands.

The new OSINT professional must be self-sustaining and possess their own tools and resources.

You will become a more proficient subject matter expert who will be armed with the knowledge and readiness to articulate the sources of your findings.

This new edition contains hundreds of pages which have been updated to keep your OSINT investigative methods fresh, and completely rebuilt digital assets which complement the teachings.

Brand-new search methods for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, and others ensure you have the latest techniques within your online investigation arsenal.

This edition presents six new chapters unavailable within previous versions discussing Broadcast Streams, Application Programming Interfaces, and an entire new section containing chapters about Data Leaks, Data Breaches, Stealer Logs, and Ransomware.

An entire section is devoted to Methodology, Workflow, Documentation, and Ethics which provides a clear game plan for your next active investigation.

All digital files are included via download, and updated often.

Today, we start over.

550 Pages