Book- Ninja Fighting Techniques: A Modern Master's Approach to Self-Defense and Avoiding Conflict

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Ninja Fighting Techniques explains how to defend yourself against real-world threats using techniques perfected centuries ago by the great Ninja masters.

Author Stephen K. Hayes is the world's leading expert on Ninjutsu techniques.

In this book, he presents the Ninja "Five Elements" system to explain fundamental aspects of self-defense.

According to Japanese Buddhist belief, human nature is connected to the natural world and the five elements.

By understanding that connection, essential responses to any threat become clear:

Earth--Remain grounded in your thinking and footing to repel attempts to distract or deceive you.

Water--Shift, angle and move fluidly to confuse attackers and put them off balance.

Fire--See where a situation is going as it develops and intercept it at the critical moment.

Wind--Stay light on your feet and move nimbly to evade attempts to pin you down.

Void--Control a fight's direction by changing dynamics to confuse your attacker.

Ninja Fighting Techniques explains how the five elements can become automatic, unconscious responses for fighters who train the Ninja way.

Through study and practice they become instinctive, effectively employed precisely when you need them without thinking.

The advantage of Ninja teachings over other martial disciplines is that, in addition to providing physical combat methods, they teach you to develop a better understanding of human behavior and psychology as well as "real-time" awareness of your surroundings--invaluable in any combat and street fighting situation.

With over 300 full-color photographs and detailed step-by-step instructions, this book shows you how the ancient self-defense techniques developed by the Ninja are still unsurpassed today!


160 pages