Book- Martial Arts and the Mirror Image: Improve Your Form, Build Strength, and Increase Flexibility with Psychology and Qigong Principles

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A groundbreaking approach to martial arts combining psychology and Qigong, featuring practical exercises and 100 step-by-step illustrations.

Martial arts teacher Phillip Starr draws on more than 60 years of experience to introduce the Mirror Image Technique—a method that recognizes the reinforcing nature of body and mind and the way we hold ourselves in our personal lives and in our martial arts practice. 

Starr pulls from Self-Image Psychology and Qigong to offer readers a unique set of physical exercises that can be applied to any martial art tradition—as well as our personal lives.

Unlike other self-help books that consider the mind as the sole gateway to change, the Mirror Image Technique shows that cognitive transformation starts with the body.

Starr takes readers through:

Demonstrating key principles of Qigong with exercises like The Unbreakable Arm and The Unliftable Body

Improving your stance

Increasing your strike force

Insights into the mindset for breaking boards (tameshiwari).

Intended to enhance growth and personal development, the techniques in Martial Arts and the Mirror Image offer a renewal of confidence and enthusiasm for one’s particular practice.

200 pages