Book- Key Moments in Espionage: Spy Ships, Intelligence Fails, & the Cold War Era (Spycraft)

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With the voice of over forty-five years of experience in the Intelligence Community, Bayard & Holmes explore key moments in the history of espionage.

•The rise of spy ships.

•How torpedo boats faced the might of the Soviet Union.

•A blow-by-blow of the USS Liberty incident.

•The North Korean capture of the USS Pueblo and her crew.

•Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, and the failed Operation Barbarossa.

•The South’s fatal miscalculation.

•The greatest US intelligence failure of all time.

•Andrei Tupolev and the explosion of the Konkordski.

•The U-2 incident and the capture of Gary Powers.

•The rise and fall of Sicily’s Cosa Nostra.

•How China spanked Vietnam.

•Vladimir Putin, the living legacy of the Cold War.

That which has gone before is happening now.

That which is happening now has gone before.

Thus is the nature of that paradox we call “history.”

252 pages