Book- Julien LeClerc's Practical Savate: French Boxing for Self Defense

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In this foundational text of La Boxe Française published at the dawn of the 20th century, master Julien Leclerc, a student of the great Charles Lecour, combined the practical punches of English boxing with the shin-busting kicks of old Savate to create a new and modern combative system.

Everything from the straight punch to the coup de pied bas (I’ve said it before: A really good kick for the street if you wear shoes, and a really GREAT kick if you wear boots) or low kick, to the weird but oddly effective low chassé kick is here, plus close quarters combat techniques for the clinch.

Indeed, this “made for the street” curriculum includes pointers for what to do when your back is to the wall both literally and figuratively.

In keeping with my personal rule of thumb for any good street fighting manual - that it must include at least one “thumb to the eye” type technique - Leclerc does not shy away from the ugly stuff which is sometimes necessary for survival (including headbutts).

This is logical since he, like the other “old masters” of street Savate, were in the business of training young gents to defend themselves against Parisian thugs during a serious crime wave in the period prior to World War One.

135 Pages