Book- How to Pick Locks Easily for Beginners: Step-by-Step Comprehensive Blueprint to Picking Locks for Beginners

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Have you ever locked yourself out of your house and wished you could just pop out a pin and work magic to open that lock and access the warmth of your home?

And do you want to learn the skillful art of picking locks for either professional or personal purposes and are looking for a guide to help you with this to ensure you do it right and fast – without damaging locks?

If you’ve answered YES,
Let this book introduce you to lock picking to ensure you know which locks you can pick and how to pick them fast and which ones you cannot pick so you don’t waste your time and energy!

As much as lock picking is a frowned-upon skill due to the bad rap it gets, it is also an essential skill that can come in handy in emergency situations.

And as long as you are learning the art of lock picking for legitimate reasons, there isn’t any harm in adding this technique to your skill list.

I mean – you can bet that it comes in handy if you or a loved one locks themselves and nobody can pick the lock(s).

The fact that you are here is evidence that you are sold to the idea of picking locks and are looking for answers to all the questions going through your mind…

Where do you start – what do you need to know to be able to pick locks successfully?

What tools do you need for the job?

Are there some locks that cannot be picked?

How do you pick different types of locks that can be picked?

Are there different methods of picking locks and if so, how exactly do you go about using them successfully and without damaging the locks?

How do you put your lock picking skill to practice to perfect it?

Answers to these and other related questions have been comprehensively addressed in this book using simple and straightforward language to ensure you have an easy time putting what you learn into action.

More precisely, you will discover:

The different parts of a door lock so that you can understand the lock mechanism and what picking aims to achieve

Factors to consider when picking locks and the different tools for the same

5 of the best lock-picking techniques that always work

The different types of locks, their mechanisms, and how to pick each type

Common lock-picking mistakes to avoid to keep your lock-picking craft effective and ethical

And so much more!

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve tried picking locks before without much success or if you have never picked a single lock before.

This lock picking beginners guide will take you from the basics of lock picking until you feel confident in your ability to pick locks whenever necessary!

96 pages.