Book- How To Fight Tough

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The Self-Defense and Close Quarters Combat Classic by a Boxing Legend.

How to Fight Tough by heavyweight boxing champion Jack Dempsey covers all you need to know about close quarters combat-both offensive and defensive techniques.

Each of the 17 lessons illustrated with photographs to give you a deeper understanding of the maneuvers.

From "The Head Clamp" to "Disarming Your Opponent" to "Hammering Your Way Out of a Stranglehold," you will learn how to take care of yourself in the worst of situations.

Dempsey served as a Lieutenant in the US Coast Guard during World War II.

His role was to direct an intensive physical fitness program and train incoming recruits in the art of close quarters combat.

The methods outlined here were the basis for combat readiness exhibited by American ground forces in reclaiming Europe's cities and towns during the war.

Through all the lessons Dempsey emphasizes speed as the surest way to make sure you end up on top and in control.

In his own words, "The trick in gouge fighting, just as in any other type of combat, is to expose the enemy's weakness first, to beat him to the punch, and to hit hard."

Here are techniques to survive and dominate in life and death situations.

A must for any close quarters combat students, free style fighters, or those wishing to improve his or her self-defense capabilities.

142 pages