Book- How To Do Chi Sao: Wing Chun Sticky Hands

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Teach Yourself Chi Sao!

Discover how to train yourself in the ultimate Wing Chun training technique adapted for the street.

Do you know how Bruce Lee, Ip Man, and other Wing Chun masters seem to know when and where their opponents will strike?

It's not something you are born with.

YOU can develop it through the practice of Wing Chun Chi Sao.

Drastically increase your fighting reflexes, because How to do Chi Sao will teach you how.

Get it now.

Inside How to Do Chi Sao

Over 25 detailed exercises, from classic Chi Sao drills (such as Luk Sao, Dan Chi Sao, and Lap Sao) to free-flowing Chi Sao.

Learn the fundamentals such as the centerline principle, stance, and correct hand positions.

Step by step instructions on how to adapt the techniques to realistic scenarios.
... and much more!

Learn Chi Sao So You Can...

Attack and defend from the four different hand positions.

Incorporate kicks, knees, and elbows into the Chi Sao drills.

Move freely during the Chi Sao drills.

Increase your skills all the way to Chi Gerk (Wing Chun Sticky Hands for the legs).

66 pages