Book- Evasive Wilderness Survival Techniques: How to Survive in the Wild While Evading Your Captors (Escape, Evasion, and Survival)

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Teach Yourself Evasive Wilderness Survival!

Learn everything you need to survive in the wild while escaping your enemy.

From stealth movement to covert shelters to finding food and water while on the run, and everything in between.

Evasive survival is the hardest type of wilderness survival there is, and the best type to learn.

Discover all the evasive survival skills you need, because if you can survive under these circumstances, you can survive anything.

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Your Ultimate Wilderness Survival Book
Inside this wilderness survival handbook you will learn how to:

Make improvised knives and other tools.

Evade trackers.

Build evasive wilderness survival shelters.

Navigate with or without a map and compass.

Move safely through various terrains.

Predict the weather and use it to your advantage.

Find water and wilderness survival foods while leaving as little trace as possible.

Build covert fires with or without matches.

Attract rescue without giving away your position to your enemy.
... and many more wilderness survival tips.

220 pages