Book- Evading and Escaping Capture: Urban Escape and Evasion Techniques for Civilians (Escape, Evasion, and Survival)

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Teach Yourself Escape and Evasion Tactics!

Whether you're a high profile individual, a tourist, or a random target for an opportunistic criminal, there's a chance you'll be taken.

This book is packed with covert military and spy escape techniques adapted for the average person.

Discover the skills you need to evade and escape capture, because you never know when they will save your life.

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Part One: Evading Capture

All the knowledge you need to avoid becoming a victim.

Learn how to:

Protect yourself online.

Bolster your home security.

Build a safe room without renovating your house.

Recognize common scams, whether at home or abroad.

Create a covert escape and survival kit.

Hide things so no-one will ever find them.

Track a missing person.

Disappear permanently.

Part Two: Escaping Capture

How to plan and execute an escape, including the techniques you need to:

Escape from restraints.

Breach entry and exit points.

Handle hostile negotiations.

Leave covert clues for rescuers to find you.

Endure captivity until you escape or are rescued.

Escape from vehicles.

Survive a car chase.

Pick pockets.

Escape a prisoner compound without being detected.

Evade guard dogs.
... and more.

262 pages