Book- Essential Parkour Training: Basic Parkour Strength and Movement (Survival Fitness)

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Do you remember the chase scene, on foot, at the beginning of the James Bond Movie, Casino Royale?

Or as I call it; "The greatest chase scene in movie history."

That's Parkour!

Teach Yourself Parkour!

This is a beginner's parkour training manual like no other.

Essential parkour techniques are those which are safe to use on a whim.

Like if you were running away from someone in an unfamiliar area.

There are no fancy free-running movements in these parkour lessons.

It starts with beginner parkour movement and parkour strength training.

Then it progresses to harder parkour techniques.

Learn parkour the safe way, because this is a comprehensive beginners training manual.

Get it now.

Step-by-Step Parkour Training

Essential Parkour Training is a progressive parkour training manual.

This is very important for safety and building confidence.

Each parkour lesson uses progressive parkour training steps.

Written in simple language and accompanied with easy to follow pictures where needed.

This parkour book is split into 6 sections according to the type of movement:

Parkour is not a dangerous activity as long as you progress slowly.
Do not take unnecessary risks, and learn the correct parkour safety techniques.

Warm-ups and Conditioning.
Using basic parkour exercises such as balance and quadrupedal movement.

Running and Jumping.
Parkour techniques to get you over or between obstacles without touching them.

This section also includes explanations of parkour games and runs.

The essential vaults needed to overcome any medium sized obstacle. Includes the safety vault, speed vault, kong vault, reverse vault, and more.

Wall Movement.
Cat hangs, wall runs, and other movements to use when negotiating obstacles too big to vault.

Bar Movement.
Bar focused movements that are not in previous sections.
Includes laches, underbars, muscle-ups, etc.

It covers all the parkour skills you need to get from one point to another as fast as possible!

Parkour for Kids, Adults, Male, and Female

A basic parkour workout is a fun and challenging way to keep fit.

See the world around you in a new light.

Increase your imagination.

Overcome fear.

Build confidence.

144 pages