Book- Crisis Preparedness Guide: How to Survive the Coming Collapse

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Most American's will never see our collapse coming, believing instead that it could never happen here.

But they're wrong, and it could cost them everything...

The truth is that most will suffer through the coming collapse, but only a few will thrive.

How will they do it?

Is there a secret?

Is it blind luck?

Do they own a private island with endless swaths of farmland?

It's none of those things.

It's a combination knowledge, planning, and effort.

This book gives you the knowledge and offers the plan.

Inside you'll discover:

How to prepare yourself financially (it's much more than owning gold and silver)

How to feed your family during lean times (a hearty vegetable garden is only one part of the solution)

Why bartering is a bad idea (and the one time it's not)

Why pest control is crucial (you'll risk much more than your supplies if you get this wrong)

Equipment and supplies to stockpile (including 11 essentials that are hard to make post-collapse)

7 crucial concerns for your survival (there's much more to your survival than having beans, bullets, and Band-Aids)

And plenty more...

With this book in hand, you'll succeed where others will fail.

Discover how to keep you and your family safe before it's too late.

What readers think about this book...

"The level of detail is incredible."

"What everyone needs to know about the coming collapse!"

"Many valuable lessons in this book."

"This is an excellent book about what is happening with this country and what you can do."

"Definitely a book I will recommend to friends and family."

"Follow his steps, build on it and you can handle what comes."

"A must read!"

"It's really a wake up call for everyone.

Don't waste time.

Get started with this book."

129 pages.