Book- Combat Pressure Points: A No Nonsense Guide To Pressure Point Fighting for Self-Defense

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Combat Pressure Points:

A No Nonsense Guide to Pressure Point Fighting for Self-Defense is a one-of-a-kind book designed to teach you hard-hitting pressure point fighting techniques for real-world self-defense.

Pressure point fighting is a fighting skill that can be performed by just about anyone, young and old, regardless of size or strength or level of experience.

Best of all, you don’t need martial arts training to apply these simple fighting techniques.

Unlike other pressure point books, Combat Pressure Points is devoid of impractical and gimmicky techniques that can get you injured or possibly killed when faced with a real-world self-defense crisis.

Instead, this book arms you with the most efficient, effective, and practical pressure point strikes that work in the chaos of a real-world survival situation.

In fact, the self-defense skills and techniques found within these pages are straightforward and easy to apply.

Combat Pressure Points is based on world-renowned self-defense expert, Sammy Franco’s 30+ years of research, training, and teaching both martial arts and combat sciences.

He has taught these cutting-edge pressure point fighting skills to thousands of his students, and now he’s put them down in this in-depth book.

With over 150 detailed photographs and dozens of easy-to-follow instructions, Combat Pressure Points has everything you need to master the devastating art of pressure point fighting.


    Impact Pressure Point Fighting

    Compression Pressure Points

    Knock-Out Pressure Point Targeting

    Solo and partner Pressure Point Drills

    Pressure Point Conditioning

    Secondary Pressure Point Targets

    Advanced Pressure Point Fighting

    Hundreds of training tips

    And much, much more

Whether you are a beginner or advanced, student or teacher, Combat Pressure Points teaches you brutally effective skills, battle-tested techniques, and proven strategies to get you home alive and in one piece.

215 pages