Book- Burners & Black Markets - How to Be Invisible

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The FBI wants to backdoor your smartphone.

So does the NSA. They failed with Apple's iPhone.

But like most giants they'll try softer targets - targets that don't fight back.

That's why unless you've got the proper tools to ward them off, they'll return like surveillance drones looking to kill any and all privacy you deem fit for your personal freedom.

You must not let this happen!

Be ready for them.

Buy this book and master the dark art of anonymity and give the NSA a burn notice they'll never forget.

No BS, No fluff, No sugar coating. Just rock-solid tactical strategies, field-tested and easy to understand.

If you loved the Hacker Playbook, you'll love this too.

Read this to learn how to be invisible without LOOKING like you're trying to be invisible, zombie apocalypse or not.


- Best Burner Phones & Laptops, anywhere, anytime

- How to Be Anonymous Online or offline

- Hacker Guides. CIA-like intel. How to escape the West if you need to.

- Communications Special Forces groups use

- Under the Radar communication tactics

- Buyer & Vendor Opsec for Black Markets should you need an 'exotic' item not found through the usual channels.

- Tor. How to Properly Use It. Plus Linux, Darknet Edition. Tails, and more!

- Hurricane Survival, Rogue Cops, How to Survive Interrogations.

Makes for an excellent companion piece to "How to Be Invisible" by J.J Luna & "How to Disappear" by Frank Ahearn as well.

302 Pages