Barware- Book- Bar Bets to Win Big Bucks: Money-Making Tricks and Brainteasers

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Much safer than James Bond's scorpion bar bet in Skyfall.

Wager that you can show everyone something they have never seen and that after they have seen it, no one will ever see it again.

Wager that someone cannot push a quarter through a dime-sized hole in a business card without tearing the paper.

Bet that a spectator will not be able to catch a falling dollar bill that is held between their outstretched fingers.

A professional magician shares tricks that will amaze and confound viewers — and maybe even win a couple of bucks in a friendly bar bet.

More than 60 illustrated feats range from balancing a dime on the edge of a dollar bill to rolling a cue ball under a stick placed across a pool table.

These quick tricks are easy to learn and can be performed with such everyday items as coins, pencils, and matchsticks.

128 pages