Book- 100+ Sniper Exercises

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Veteran sniping instructor and competitive long-range shooter Eduardo Abril de Fontcuberta has collected dozens of exercises from elite military and police sniping programs and organized them into a complete training course.

Now, hunters, instructors, and competitive target shooters can develop and assess their performance, individually or as a unit, and meet the standards of the best snipers in the world.

The exercises in this book—from the U.S. Marines and U.S. Army, U.S. Navy SEALs, Spanish Foreign Legion, Swedish Marines, Gunsite, Snipercraft, and many other top sniping programs—cover the entire spectrum of the professional sniper's skill set, including:

  • close-range and known-distance shooting—testing cold-bore zeros, target identification, knowing your limits . . .
  • long-range shooting—range estimation, ballistics and wind reading, hard-target interdiction . . .
  • complex and skills-oriented exercises—accuracy under stress, simultaneous engagements, shooting through glass, angle shooting, shooting through loopholes . . .
  • non-shooting requirements—communications, camouflage and observation, land navigation, tactical medicine, survival and tracking . . .

The author wraps up with his recommendations for sniper competitions, schools, instructors, and equipment. Whether you need stand-alone training drills or a complete course in tactical marksmanship, you will get it with the exercises in this book.

1) How to Use This Book
2) How to Rate Snipers- The fundamentals
3) What You Need to Get Started
4) Physical Tests and Standards for Snipers
5) Targets and Equipment for Training
6) Sniper Shooting Standards
7) Close-Range Exercises known Distance Standards
8) Complex and Skills-Oriented Sniper Exercises
9) Range Estimation Exercises
10) Ballistics and Wind Reading Exercises
11) Long-Range and HTI Sniper Exercises
12) Communications Exercises
13) Camouflage and Observation Exercises
14) Navigation Exercises
15) Sniper Simulation Training Systems
16)Tactical Medicine Exercises
17) Survival and Tracking Exercises
18) Recommended Sniper Competitions
19) Recommended Sniper Schools and Instructors
20) Author's Equipment
21) A Short List of Sniper Equipment Suppliers