Book- Hojojutsu: The Warrior's Art of the Rope

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Delve into the intricate history of feudal Japan with "Hojojutsu - The Warrior's Art of the Rope", a softcover exploration of an ancient martial tradition.

This volume offers an unprecedented Western study of Hojōjutsu, a martial art developed in the 15th century for capturing and immobilizing prisoners using a rope.

The Art of the Rope, birthed amidst the tumult of the battlefield, has evolved into Shibari or Kinbaku in the West, an intimate art form that weaves together aesthetics and emotion through the medium of rope tying.

Uncover the profound subtleties and the deep cultural significance of this transformation through a careful reading of this meticulously researched text.

Comprising 235 pages of engaging narrative, over 250 black and white illustrations and photographs, this paperback edition provides an extensive overview of the history, philosophy, and practice of Hojōjutsu.

Moreover, it includes a translated reproduction of a rare and genuine densho - a secret teaching manual from 1797, originating from one of the most prestigious Schools of Hojōjutsu.

Whether you're a scholar of Japanese culture, a martial arts enthusiast, or a connoisseur of interdisciplinary studies that span history, philosophy, and aesthetics, "Hojojutsu - The Warrior's Art of the Rope" by Christian Russo is an invaluable addition to your library.

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