Book- Dark Wire: The Incredible True Story of the Largest Sting Operation Ever

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The inside story of the largest law-enforcement sting operation ever, in which the FBI made its own tech start-up to wiretap the world, shows how cunning both the authorities and drug traffickers have become, with privacy implications for everyone.

In 2018, a powerful app for secure communications called Anom took root among organized criminals.

They believed Anom allowed them to conduct business in the shadows. Except for one thing: it was secretly run by the FBI. 
Backdoor access to Anom and a series of related investigations granted American, Australian, and European authorities a front-row seat to the underworld.

Tens of thousands of criminals worldwide appeared in full view of the same agents they were trying to evade.

International smugglers. Money launderers. Hitmen. A sprawling global economy as efficient and interconnected as the legal one.

Officers watched drug shipments and murder plots unfold, making arrests without blowing their cover.

But, as the FBI started to lose control of Anom, did the agency go too far?
A painstakingly investigated exposé, Dark Wire reveals the true scale and stakes of this unprecedented operation through the agents and crooks who were there.

This fly-on-the-wall thriller is a caper for our modern world, where no one can be sure who is listening in.
352 pages. Hardcover