Bluetooth Phone Call Recorder

$139.95 $129.95

Automatically record important conversations from your iPhone or Android phone, from up to 30 feet away.

Automatically record calls on any paired iPhone or Android phone
Digital voice recorder for lectures, memos, and room recording
Built-in Speaker for easy access to your files
12 hour battery life, 144 hour storage capacity (4 GB)
Built-in USB - MAC & Windows compatible
1-Year Warranty & Lifetime Support

The Bluetooth Wireless Phone Recorder automatically records both sides of a conversation on any bluetooth enabled mobile phone, including iPhone, android, all most other mobile phones.

Simply pair the Bluetooth Wireless Phone Recorder to the phone you wish to record and use it in place of your cell phone.

Use in voice recorder mode to record memos, meetings, lectures, dictations and more.

 Listen to your recordings directly from the device, or plug into the USB port of any Windows or Mac computer to listen, manage, share or save your recordings in standard MP3 format.

Recharge the recorder using any USB charger or port.

How to record phone calls:

Pair with phone you wish to record calls from
Slide record switch to "Mobile"
Product will record all phone calls automatically

To playback recorded phone calls:

Slide record switch to "Off"
Hold the "Play" button for 3 seconds

Use forward and reverse buttons to hear other recordings

Bluetooth Phone Call Recorder Includes:

Mobile Bluetooth Recorder with Rechargeable Battery
Quick User's Guide
1 Year Warranty and Lifetime Support