Black Venom Stun Gun

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If you're looking for a self-defense weapon you can carry in the palm of your hand, the Black Venom Stun Gun is here for you.

This compact stun device is a mere 3 1/2 by 3 inches, so it can easily be concealed in your pocket or sitting on your belt in its nylon case.

The non-slip coating makes getting a grip on to your taser easy, even when your hands are sweaty or wet.

The black finish lends itself to stealth, so your assailants won't see what's coming to them until they're stunned and begging for mercy.

At just 2 1/2 ounces, this spikey self-defense taser is lightweight and easy to carry without weighing you down.

Finger hole stun guns are an advantage when you have the self-defense skills to use your everyday carry (EDC) weapon as a striking tool.

The metal contact spikes allow your personal stun device to double as a fist-loading weapon.

This design also makes your pocket taser less prone to dropping and breaking, and operation simpler.

The safety switch on the side prevents accidental discharge by illuminating a red light to indicate that your device is armed.

To unload 85 million volts of power into an attacker, make sure the light is on and press the button on the bottom of the stun weapon by squeezing your hand to maintain contact with your palm.

Effects on the body range from startling your attacker to pain and muscle contractions to loss of control and disorientation, depending on the length of contact.

 Never maintain contact for more than 5 seconds!

This knuckle stun gun comes with a micro USB charger; When the taser runs out of power, attach the charging cord to the device and plug into a wall charger or other power source.

When fully charged, remove the stun gun from the charging cable and take care to always store it unarmed.

This electroshock weapon is small on size, but big on delivery.
We hope you never find yourself in a dangerous situation, but this palm-sized stunner is ready if you do.
Are you?

Black Venom Stun Gun Highlights:

Approximate Shock Discharge: 85,000,000 Volts
Black Slip-Free Coating
Fits in the palm of your hand
Finger hole for improved grip
Dimensions: 3.5" X 3"
Safety Switch
Red light indicates when armed
Metal Contact Spikes
Includes case and USB charging cable
Weight: 2.5 oz (approx.)
Easily concealed
Doubles as a striking self-defense tool

Note: Please be aware that actual voltage output is difficult to measure and verify, but this stun device compares to other stun guns that claim outputs of 90 million or more volts.
We personally tested it and it is very powerful. It hurts, a lot!

Use for self defense ONLY!