Basic Latent Fingerprint Kit

$59.95 $49.95

The basic fingerprint kit is a real print kit, fully stocked with enough supplies for 25 lifts.

This Kit was created and priced for educational use.

A basic kit  can be used with success on glass, counter tops, table tops, painted surfaces, cabinets and many other non-absorbent surfaces.

Detectives use regular powder on the painted exterior of stolen vehicles on car glass.

The Basic Latent Fingerprint Kit includes:

1 vial of regular latent powder, 1 oz.

1 fiberglass fingerprint brush, extra soft

1 set of fingerprint backing cards (25 sheets)

1 lifting tape pad (25 sheets)

1 heavy-duty carry case

Choose the color of the powder in your kit: black, bichromatic, or white.