Barware- Grenade Decanter

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The Grenade Decanter is sure to blow you away.
It holds up to 16 oz. (450 ml) of your favorite drink.
They are not explosive but that does depend on what you are drinking.

- HYDRATION TIME TURNS TACTICAL: Modeled after grenades used in World War I and II, this hydration accessory holds 17 Ounces of any alcohol or cold beverage and will quench your thirst any time of the day!

- HIGH QUALITY DESIGN: For a truly explosive drink, nothing beats the Grenade Decanter.
Made from clear glass, this thirst quencher makes the ultimate adornment for any outing or get together.

- ADD A TACTICAL TOUCH: The Grenade Decanter is sure to blow you away.
It holds up to 17 oz. of your favorite drink.

- GREAT ADDITION TO THE MAN CAVE: Enjoy your favorite drink at the man cave with friends (or by yourself) while admiring this epic decanter.

- TO PROTECT AND TO SERVE BOOZE: The perfect gift for our men and women in uniform that will surely give them a good laugh.

- DRINK RESPONSIBLY: Almost double the size of an actual grenade...which means there's enough room for a reasonable amount of alcohol!
This product may be used in the consumption of alcohol.
Please drink responsibly!