Barware- Diamonds Are Forever Ice Cube Tray (4 Pack)

$29.95 $24.95

Diamonds Are Forever....well at least until they melt, but then you can make more.

Ice cubes that keep their cool? Just what the doctor ordered.

Top of the list on your prescription for an awesome summer: This silicone ice tray with lid helps your keep your chill with unique, diamond shaped ice cubes that stay solid for longer than traditional drink clinkers.

Whether you're beach side, poolside, or just hanging out at home....these diamond shaped ice cubes are your License To Chill.

Sculpted from nontoxic, BPA-free silicone, this ice cube tray flexes easily, doesn't crack in the cold, and pushes out cubes with a pop.

The included lid makes for a no splash, stackable scenario, saving space in your freezer and cutting out the hassle of an impossible liquid balancing act over your frozen vegetables.

The tray is microwave resistant and withstands temperatures of up to 390°F- so you can even throw it in the oven!

Forget ice: Bake up delicious brownie bites, microwave pudding, and other after dinner lip-smackers.

This silicone tray is also flexible enough to easily pop out thicker freezes, such as purée for baby food, milk cubes, yogurt, or ice cream.

This mold will create awesome-looking, diamond-shaped ice cubes.

Each tray makes 4 nicely-sized 25ml ice diamonds, so with all 4 trays you can make 16 at a time.