Assemble Your Own Padlock- Lock Pick Training Kit

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The best way to understand and learn to pick padlocks is to build one yourself!

Our Assemble Your Own Padlock- Lock Pick Training Kit allows you to understand the use of each part of a padlock, from the tiniest pin to the shackle and springs.

If you want to see all the movement of the pins and springs, a clear acrylic shell is the only way. The polished molded shell features the pins and springs designed specifically for this practice lock.

Once the padlock is built with the included parts, use the included lock pick and tension wrench tools to practice picking it. 

  • Great for the professional, amateur or challenge lovers
  • Includes all the lock parts for assembling a padlock
  • Includes lock pick tool, tension wrench tool
  • Clear acrylic shell allows visibility of all parts
  • Directions included on assembly of lock