Anti Spy Sweeper

$129.95 $99.95

What makes C10 Pro better than similar ones?

C10 Pro, equipped with the most cutting-edge AI chip and high-accuracy telescoping antenna, is a professional hidden device detector which can detect any RF transmitters in as wide as 1 MHz to 10 GHz frequency range and it can find transmitting and non-transmitting cameras, on or off, wired or wireless, dead or alive.

1 Camera Finder, 2 Levels of Sensitivity, 3 Detection Modes – Visual, Vibration and Mixed, 9 Levels of Signal Strength Meter.

Protect privacy for you and your beloved ones:

This bug detector offers a simple, portable, and discreet method of identifying and eliminating unwanted surveillance threats.

Easily detect all types of RF transmitters including: bugs; body wires / GPS trackers / bumper beepers / eavesdropping transmitters etc., and quickly identify both wired and wireless hidden cameras, pinhole cameras and more.

Effectively prevent your privacy leaks.

Use it Everywhere:

With this anti spy detector C10 Pro, you can easily and discreetly detect unwanted surveillance in your space like home, office, car and travel etc.

It offers super-fast scanning capabilities to quickly sweep Airbnb, vacation rentals and hotels etc., or scan public restrooms, board rooms, office space, dressing rooms, fitting rooms, bathroom, bedroom, gym / locker rooms, apartments etc.

Help you trust the surrounding environment.

Take it Anywhere:

The compact, easy-to-use, lightweight, and rechargeable battery-operated design makes it possible to bring the C10 Pro with you everywhere you go.

4 segments 8 colored light array makes you able to identify signal types and strengths at a glance.

Covert vibration mode also allows you to search for bugs without being noticeable to others.