USB Wall Travel Charger Hidden Camera

$179.95 $129.95

  • Just insert a memory card, plug it in and start recording!

  • HD 1080p Crystal Clear Video & Audio

  • Low-Light CMOS Sensor (0.01LUX)

  • 90º Angle Lens (Great for any Size Room)

  • 1.0 Amp USB Port (Can Charge an iPad)

  • Motion Activated Set it to Record Non-Stop or Only on Motion

  • Micro SD Card Slot up to 64GB

  • Hold 10 Hours of Footage on 64GB MicroSD

  • Records 10 min per 1GB

The Zetronix Phoibe is a USB AC Charger with a built-in hidden nanny cam that records 1080p HD video with audio onto a memory card which you can playback later on any desktop computer, laptop or tablet with a Card Reader or USB Port.

The Phoibe USB Charger spy camera is a perfect solution for any traveler that is even slightly concerned how their belongings are being handled while they’re away from home or hotel room during their stay.

This simple to use charger has a hidden switch in the back to set the recording mode to constant or motion detection.

An optional time and date stamp, which can be turned on or off, will show you what time the events that are being watched occurred.

The Nanny Cam USB Charger has a preset 15 degree upward facing lens made for outlets that are below eye level and a wide angle 90-degree lens guarantees the Phoibe won’t miss a single detail.

The Phoibe USB Nanny Cam Charger comes standard with American outlet adapter, but also includes interchangeable plugs for the entire world. Whether you are staying at a swanky hotel in London, a bungalow in the Caribbean or an Airbnb in Thailand, you can rest easy knowing you can plug in your trusty nanny camera to watch over your precious belongings. 

This Charger not only has incredible hidden nanny cam capabilities but also has a 0.4A USB Port to charge any USB device that you need.

  • Staying at a hotel?  Whether on a business trip or a vacation it’s nice to know how your belongings are being handled. This USB Charger Nanny Cam will watch over your valuables from any outlet in the wall just by plugging it in.
  • Missing belongings? Find out immediately who has been taking them or see live on your phone who is taking your belongings!
  • Getting Harassed?  Record the evidence you need discreetly.
  • Watch your pets!  We all know pets are goofy animals and nothing more fun than to record or check up on your furry friends while you're away. Maybe your video will go viral!
  • Watch over your kids.  Leaving your kids with a nanny or babysitter can be nerve-wracking. Always know what's happening with your kids while you’re away! Are they being good and going to bed or eating cake on the couch!  
  • Elderly safe? Nursing homes can be tough for the elderly and nothing makes it easier than to watch over them to make sure they are alright like a Phoibe nanny cam