5-Day Emergency Survival Kit - ACU Camo Backpack

$89.95 $79.95

Who says prepping for sudden catastrophe has to be complicated, time-consuming and exhausting?

The Wise Company certainly doesn’t!

The trusted emergency prep experts have taken care of all your survival supply research, gathering, and packaging with their handy 5-Day Emergency Survival Kit/Backpack - a must-have for busy preppers, campers, and anyone who may face power outages, storm damage, unexpected displacement, or other crises in the future.

This means you!

With everything a single individual needs to ride out danger (or simply camp) in the wilderness for a full five days in a compact, convenient ACU camo backpack, the Wise Emergency Survival Kit makes a perfect bug-out bag for your home, RV, office, emergency shelter, supply cache, or anywhere you may need to quickly escape a threat or peril.

And at this affordable price - the lowest you’ll find anywhere - it’s “wise” to get a pack for each member of your family, placed in multiple locations for maximum preparedness.

The Wise Company thought of everything when assembling this kit - first aid, food, water, warmth, and even entertainment! “Roughing it” never tasted so good with the included 38 servings of delicious, easy-to-prepare food (Apple Cinnamon Cereal, Creamy Pasta, Southwest Beans and Rice, Tortilla Soup, Whey Milk and much more) - great sources of precious nutrition more like Grandma’s home cooking than typical bland, bare bones camping fare. Although all the freeze dried food is edible and tasty right out of the package, you can always enjoy Wise meals piping hot with the kit’s portable stove, stainless steel cup and fuel tablets.

In the event fresh water sources are contaminated by nuclear, chemical or other disasters, or if you live in an arid environment, the 5-Day Emergency Survival Backpack includes five pouches of pure, clean water in a quantity ample for survival and then some.

Flashlight, survival whistle, 42-piece first aid and hygiene kit, waterproof matches, Mylar blanket, emergency poncho, and playing cards complete the versatile package.

Don’t forget your friends and family!

Gifting the Wise 54-Day Emergency Survival Kit/Backpack is a great way to show your love and concern, while safeguarding the lives and limbs of those who mean the most to you.