32 Piece Master Lock Pick Set- 10 Count (Bulk)

$959.00 $420.00


($42.00 each vs $59.95 each when purchased separately)

This Thirty-Two Piece Lock Picking Set includes a variety of hooks, rakes, diamonds, balls, extractors, tension tools and comes housed in a zippered top grain leather case.

This professional lock pick kit features picks that are electro-less nickel plated for rust resistance, and the exclusive rivet-less stainless steel handles! This lock picking set is a favorite among locksmiths. If you like choices, go for this one!

For your next job or assignment chose from twenty six assorted picks and five tension tools to pick that lock! Choices are your best friend especially if you are dealing with older or dirty locks. Because there is no fun in wasting time using the wrong tool, you will be so glad you have 32 options at your disposal. Backed by the reliability of SouthOrd, these lock pick tools are manufactured like works of art.


  • Full Hard Spring Stainless Steel Construction Metal handles
  • Tempered stainless steel picks
  • Exclusive rivet-less stainless steel handles

Lock Pick Set Includes:

Twenty-six picks, a broken key extractor, five tension tools, and leather case.