11 Piece Lock Pick Set w/ Case- 10 Count (Bulk)

$340.95 $190.00


($19.00 each vs $29.95 each when purchased separately)

Few things in a locksmith’s toolkit compare to a SouthOrd MPXS-11 lock pick set. Superior quality and extreme durability are just some of this kit’s best features.

Made in the USA of only the finest stainless steel, these rugged lock picks are the go-to item for enthusiasts or seasoned professionals, including law enforcement personnel, first responders, US Military members and private investigators.

The SouthOrd MPXS-11 deluxe lock pick set contains:

  • 3 lock picks with stainless steel handles for an easy grip
  • 3 lock picks with standard handles that allow you to work quickly and effectively
  • 1 double-ended slim line pick
  • 1 broken key extractor
  • 3 tension tools
This remarkable SouthOrd MPXS-11 lock picking set comes in a snap-over leather case for convenience while storing or carrying from job to job. Whether you’re a veteran in the business or you’re just embarking on your own lock-picking journey, the picks in the MPXS-11 lock pick set might be exactly what you’ve been looking for.